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Summer Events

Every year, we make an informal trip somewhere in Aarhus to walk and talk. We always welcome ideas for new interesting summer events. Contact Ellen Noer if you have ideas for future events.

June 2023
On June 9, 2023, we went for a walk from the Infinite Bridge (Den Uendelige Bro)) at Ballehage Beach to Ørnereden. See program.

June 2022
On June 17, 2022, we went for a walk around Egaa Engsø.

June 2019
On 21 June 2019 we went to Risskov once again, this time to play disc golf at Risskov Disc Golf Park. See program.

June 2018
On 20 June 2018 we went to Risskov. We walked to Aarhus University Hospital Risskov (now closed) and visited Museum Ovartaci there. See program.

June 2017
On 2 June 2017 we went on a trip to Kalø Castle Ruins. See program.

June 2016 
In June 2016 our BiRC summer walk went to Egaa Engsø.

June 2015
In June 2015 our BiRC summer walk went to Sculpture by the Sea, Denmark’s biggest outdoor sculpture exhibition situated along Aarhus' scenic coast line.

June 2014  
In June 2014 we went for a walk to the Botanical Gardens with the renovated Greenhouses-, BiRC@the Greenhouses. Program.

June 2013 
In June 2013 we had our first BiRC summer walk, BiRC@Sculpture_By_the_Sea