Ongoing activities

  • BiRC Seminar Series: Talks about bioinformatics and related disciplines, mainly given by external speakers. We aim at one seminar per month. Usually on Fridays from14.15 - 15.00.
  • Wednesday Morning Talks: Short 10 min presentation of current topics of research by one of the BiRC researchers.
  • Wednesday Morning Breakfast: We meet every Wednesday morning at 09.00 in the coffee room for breakfast and gossip about bioinformatics and related topics. We bring rolls etc. in turns - to sign up for the rolls’ list, please ask around the table when eating rolls. The first Wednesday in every month, the breakfast is followed by a monthly BiRC Info Meeting, otherwise the breakfast it followed by Wednesday Morning Talk.

    The list of who should bring rolls.

  • BiRC Summer Events 
    We always welcome ideas for new interesting summer events. 
  • Office clean-out day. Before the summer vacation the offices on the 4th floor must be tidied up for the new academic year.



Upcoming activities

Will be announced on the front page.