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BiRC personnel 2017
The Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) is made up of researchers and students with background in a number of different disciplines, including biology, molecular biology, statistics, chemistry, and computer science. The current personnel at BiRC is listed below. Five digit telephone numbers xxxxx are local numbers, which can be reached from the outside Aarhus University by dialing (45) 871 xxxxx. To email people at BiRC use xxxx@birc.au.dk, where xxxx is listed below.

Academic and Administrative Staff

Ahrenfeldt Johanne Postdoc (MOMA) ja@clin.au.dk 1110.
Anciaux Yoann Postdoc yoann.anciaux@birc.au.dk 1110.318
Bataillon Thomas Associate Pofessor tbata 55574 1110.321
Bergman Juraj Postdoc jurajbergman@birc.au.dk 1110.320
Besenbacher Søren Associate Professor (at MOMA - partly employed by BiRC)


55569 1110.316
Bethune Jörn Postdoc (MOMA) joern@clin.au.dk 1110.428
Birkbak Nicolai Associate professor (at MOMA - partly employed by BiRC) nbirkbak@clin.au.dk 1110.316
Christiansen Freddy B. Emeritus professor freddy 56536 1110.316
Foldager Leslie Senior Researcher leslie 55565 1110.425
Fredsted Palle Villesen Associate Professor palle 55556 1110.322
Grove Jakob Associate Professor grove 55565 1110.425
Halager Anders Egerup Software Engineer aeh 55554 1110.327
Kalinowski Jaroslaw Software Engineer/System administrator jk@birc.au.dk 1110.327
Lucotte Elise Postdoc elucotte@birc.au.dk 1110.318
Mailund Thomas Associate Professor mailund 55562 1110.326
Munch Kasper Associate Professor kaspermunch 55569 1110.328
Noer Ellen Center secretary elno 55557 1110.319
Pedersen Christian N. S. Associate Professor cstorm 55559 1110.325
Pedersen Jakob Skou Professor (at MOMA - partly employed by BiRC) jakob.skou@ki.au.dk 55574 1110.316



Schierup Mikkel Heide Professor mheide 56535 1110.323
Soraggi Samuele Postdoc samuele.soraggi@gmail.com 1110.320
Speed Doug Postdoc doug@aias.au.dk 1110.318
Søndergaard Dan System administrator

das@birc.au.dk  das@biomed.au.dk

Sørensen Lasse Maretty Postdoc (MOMA) lasse.maretty@clin.u.dk 1110.316
Zhang Qianqian Postdoc qianqian.zhang@birc.au.dk 1110.318

PhD Students

Alves Maria Izabel Cavassim PhD Student mica@birc.au.dk 1110.423 Abroad until July
Belles Meritxell PhD Student mtxellrb@gmail.com 1110.427
Grund Simon PhD Student (MOMA) simon_grund@live.dk 1110.428
Juul Randi Istrup PhD Student (MOMA) randi.istrup@clin.au.dk 1110.428
Macià Moises Coll PhD Student moicoll@birc.au.dk 1110.427
Noor Bakhtawar PhD Student bakhtawarnoor_91@hotmail.com 1110.427
Okholm Trine Line H. PhD Student (MOMA) trine.line@hotmail.com 1110.423
Tausen Marni PhD Student marni@birc.au.dk 1110.423

Student Programmers

Andersen Jesper Brink Student programmer jesper@brinkandersen.dk 1110.421
Høgfeldt Per Student programmer hogfeldt38@gmail.com 1110.421