The director since June 2005 is Christian Nørgaard Storm Pedersen.

Previous directors were Carsten Wiuf (April 2004 - June 2005), Freddy Bugge Christiansen (September 2001 - April 2004) and Jotun Hein (March 2001 - September 2001).

Executive committee

The executive committee advises the director about the activities and future development of BiRC.  It discusses all issues that are important and fundamental for the centre.  All permanent scientific staff and the center secretary are members of the executive committee. The committee meets every second week. The meetings are chaired by the director. The daily decisions are the responsibility of the director of BiRC.

Teaching committee

The teaching committee is responsible for the administration of the master program in bioinformatics and the planning of courses offered by BiRC. The committee meets at least four times annually.

  • Christian N.S. Pedersen (chairman)
  • Thomas Bataillon
  • Kasper Munch
  • Clara Albiñana (student member)
  • Emil Malta-Müller (student member)

PhD committee

The PhD committee is responsible for the PhD program in bioinformatics which is a part of the PhD program in computer science and bioinformatics. It refers to the Graduate School of Science and Technology. The committee meets at least four times annually.

  • Asger Hobolth
  • Christian N. S. Pedersen
  • Dan Søndergaard (student member)

Working Environment committee

The working environment committee is responsible for matters related to the working environment (physical and psychological working conditions) at BiRC. 

  • Kasper Munch (Employee representative)
  • Ellen Noer (Management representative)

Building committee

The building and systems committee is responsible for the administration and distribution of the offices at BiRC.  The committee discusses issues regularly.

  • Ellen Noer (chairman)
  • Palle V. Fredsted
  • Christian N. S. Pedersen

WWW committee

The WWW committee is responsible for the BiRC www pages.  The committee is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the official BiRC www pages and providing guidelines for their use. The committee discusses issues regularly.

  • Thomas Mailund (chairman)
  • Christian N.S. Pedersen
  • Palle V. Fredsted
  • Ellen Noer


  • BiRC seminars: Monthy seminars with external speakers. Organizer: Thomas Batailllon.
  • Wednesday morning talks: Weekly seminars with local speakers.  Organizer: Christian N. S. Pedersen.
  • BiRC Mols meeting: A yearly meeting in August, where we discuss BiRC matters and research projects. Organizers: Ellen Noer, Palle V. Fredsted, and Christian N. S. Pedersen.
  • BiRC Summer Walk: Organizer: Ellen Noer.