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Next Generation Sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) methods have within the last two years increased DNA sequence output 10000 fold for the same price and opened up for a wide range of new applications of sequencing for understanding how species evolve and how the cell works. At the end of the course the students should have detailed knowledge of bionformatics methods for genome analysis using next-generation sequencing data. This includes knowledge of the existing types of genome data, how the different types of data can be displayed and analysed, the current methods for genome assembly and analysis, their accuracy, and how to apply them. The course will train the participants to devise and and analyse a real genomic project involving NGS data. It will also train students in presenting and communicating professional projects both orally and in writing.


The schedule for Q2/2013 is as follows: Course consists of 4 hour sessions, starting Thursday, October 31st, 2013, at 9.15 am, at BiRC (building 1110 - room 214).

Instances of the course

The class is CANCELLED in the Fall 2011.



Mikkel Schierup and Thomas Battaillon

Official course description

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