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Medical Genome Analysis

The participants will be working on two research projects. They will acquire detailed knowledge about selected topics in genome analysis. The topics aim at applications within medical research and medical industry. This includes simple programming (e.g. reformatting of data), knowledge of different types of genome data and how the data can be analysed and potential applications. The course will train the participants to plan and carry out data analysis and to communicate scientific problems and results.


Instances of the course


Q4/2013: http://aula.au.dk/courses/MGA2014/


Q4/2013: http://aula.au.dk/courses/MGA13/


Q4/2012: http://aula.au.dk/courses/MGA/


Q4/2011: http://aula.au.dk/courses/MEDGENOM/


Q4/2010: https://aula.au.dk/courses/MGA2010


Q4/2009: https://aula.au.dk/courses/BIM2009



2014 Palle Villesen Fredsted and Philippe Lamy

2013 Palle Villesen Fredsted and Philippe Lamy

2012 Palle Villesen Fredsted and Philippe Lamy

2011 Palle Villesen Fredsted, Philippe Lamy and Carsten Wiuf

2009-2010 Palle Villesen Fredsted and Carsten Wiuf


Official course description

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