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Computer grid

We have installed a queue system for managing jobs on our birc cluster.  Right now, you can still use the computers as you always did, but some time later this year, probably around the start of the next term, we will close down for log in to the machines and you will only be able to use them through the queue system.  The reason for this is, of course, that if you can log in and manually start jobs, the queue system will not be able to optimally schedule jobs.

You will still be able to log into birc01 and you need to do that to queue jobs.  It functions as the front end to the entire grid.

The queue system is the SUN Grid Engine, and you can find a short tutorial to how you use it below.



ssh into birc01, then run

$ . /users/sungrid/ge6.2u2_1/default/common/settings.sh

(notice space between . and /)

Submitting jobs

To submit jobs, you have to log into birc01.  This is the front end to
the grid, where you have the commands for submitting jobs.

To submit jobs, use the qsub command

$ qsub script script-option

where script is a file containing a shell script.

"script" can also be a binary, but then you need to use the option "-b y"

The script will run in your home directory, unless you use the option
"-cwd" in which case it will run in the current directory.



Interactive jobs

You shouldn't really have to use this, since you can use the camels
for interactive jobs, but if you really need to run an interactive
shell on the grid, use

$ qlogin



To see your queued or running jobs, use$ qstat