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Testis data

2020.01.17 | Research news

Single cell sequencing has a potential for disentangling causes of azoospermia

Azoospermia - or the absence of spermatozoa - is one of the causes of infertility, a problem faced by ~15% of couples. Azoospermic testis shows different characteristics and probably causes over different groups of patients. New single cell sequencing technologies allow the study of a tissue cell by cell, but analysis of such complex and big…

2020.01.14 | Research news

Plant genomes reveal the basis for adaptation to contrasting climates

In the face of rapid climate change, it is important that plants can adapt quickly to new conditions to ensure their survival. Using field experiments and plant genome studies, an international research team has pinpointed areas of the genome that are affected during local adaptation to contrasting climates.

2020.01.06 | Research news

New forensic chemistry method to reveal the age of bloodstains and fingerprints

A fingerprint, a bloodstain or other biological material are some of the traces the police search for at a crime scene. With the help of the biological traces, a person or perpetrator can be tied to a crime scene. However, until now it has not been technically possible to determine when a fingerprint or other trace was made and thus determine…