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Credit: Anna Troya Bruguer

2021.09.13 | Research news

Neanderthal genes tell us about how old our ancestors were when they had children

The authors from Aarhus University in Denmark and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany with PhD student Moisès Coll Macià, BiRC, as first author of the study used Neanderthal fragments scattered in non-African genomes as molecular clocks to estimate generation intervals in Eurasian and American populations.

The assumptions of prediction tools are described by something called the "heritability model". Most existing tools assume the GCTA Model. This figure shows that for four different tools (from left to right, lasso, ridge regression, Bolt-LMM and BayesR), prediction accuracy always increases when one switches from the GCTA Model to more realistic heritability models (e.g., the LDAK-Thin and BLD-LDAK Models). The top plot shows results for 14 individual phenotypes (including traits such as height, body mass index, neuroticism and hypertension), while the bottom plot shows averages across all phenotypes.

2021.07.07 | Research news

New methods for predicting complex traits

Doug Speed, together with colleagues from BiRC and NCRR, have recently developed improved methods for predicting complex traits. Their work has this week been published in the journal Nature Communications.

DNA of Icelanders provides new knowledge about extinct human species. Graphics: Astrid Reitzel, AU

2020.04.23 | Research news

Icelandic DNA jigsaw-puzzle brings new knowledge about Neanderthals

An international team of researchers has put together a new image of Neanderthals based on the genes Neanderthals left in the DNA of modern humans when they had children with them about 50,000 years ago. The researchers found the new pieces of the puzzle by trawling the genomes of more than 27,000 Icelanders.

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