Structural bioinformatics

Understanding the structure, function and dynamics of proteins are important aspects of studying molecular systems and designing novel drugs. Structural bioinformatics tries to understand these aspects using computational and mathematical models while relying on chemical and physical properties of molecules and their surroundings.

 At BiRC we are particularly focused on the development of models and tools for molecular docking, and the dynamics of membrane proteins. The researchers involved in these activities collaborate closely with Molegro ApS, a company involved with development of software for molecular docking, and with PUMPKIN, a research center at the university interested in P-type ATPases in the cellular membrane.


Phone numberName, Job title, Email, Unit (Building-room)
Gupta, Vikas, Research Assistant,, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Plant Molecular Biology (-)
Kjeldgaard, Morten, Associate professor,, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Structural Biology (3135, 203-)
Pedersen, Christian Storm, Director, Associate professor,, Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) (1110, 325-)

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