Algorithmic bioinformatics

The efficiency of algorithms or of data representation is often the difference between feasible and infeasible data analysis. By improving our algorithms, we enable research that would not otherwise be possible. This project is concerned with the development of efficient algorithms and efficient implementation of software for bioinformatics problems.


Phone numberName, Job title, Email, Unit (Building-room)
Besenbacher, Søren, ,, Department of Clinical Medicine - Molekylær Medicinsk afdeling (MOMA) (-)
Mailund, Thomas, Associate professor,, Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) (1110, 326-)
Pedersen, Christian Storm, Director, Associate professor,, Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) (1110, 325-)
Tataru, Paula, Postdoc,, Bioinformatics Research Centre (BiRC) (1110-)

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